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When you book a luxury villa with Firefly Collection, you may want to charter a yacht, or boat, at the same time. There are many reasons why you may want to do this.


The main reason our customers charter yachts is when visiting an island or coastal region. Chartering a yacht, complete with a crew, allows you to explore the nearby islands in style.


Another great way to utilise a yacht charter is if you are planning an extended trip to multiple destinations. A yacht can turn your journey from one luxury villa to the next into a highlight of the trip. For example, you could stay in St Tropez for a week, then sail along the coast of France and Spain, stopping at a few gorgeous port towns along the way, before arriving in Ibiza to continue your holiday.


You can charter a wide range of yacht sizes from our partners. So whether you need a small catamaran for a day trip or a week on a megayacht is more your style, we can suggest the best partner for you based on your requirements and destination.

Why Charter a Yacht?


Flying is faster, and cars are cool, until you're stuck in traffic. Sailing is for arriving in style.


We all need a little privacy from time to time, especially if your a high profile celebrity.


There's simply no other way to access certain parts of the world unless you board a boat.


Sure, you could rent kayaks, but you can't sit in a hot tub drinking champagne in a kayak.

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