5 Reasons why we love Mykonos
5 Reasons why we love Mykonos
5 Reasons why we love Mykonos
5 Reasons why we love Mykonos
5 Reasons why we love Mykonos

5 Reasons why we love Mykonos

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On arriving in Mykonos it is hard to imagine that this island was once one of the most barren and poorest of the Greek Islands. However in the 1960s Mykonos became abohemian mecca and is now one of the glitziest, most renowned tourist destinations in the country, with luxury villas arising across the island. It is often referred to as both the ‘Capri’ of Greece based on all its beautiful beaches and the ‘Ibiza’ of Greece based on the party atmosphere.


Boasting approximately 300 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 27 degrees, Mykonos is rightfully one of the most popular islands for luxury villa holidays in Greece. We here at Firefly Collection have picked out our top 5 reasons why we love Mykonos and we are sure you will too.

1. Incredible and unique beaches

With over 20 beaches, there are enough for you to try a new one each day, with each having its own unique feel about it.  The best way to explore all of the stunning beaches that Mykonos has to offer, when you decide to leave your luxury villa, is by car or scooter as they are dispersed around the island.  


Agios Sostis in the north-west of the island is not to be missed. This stunning beach with its azure waters, soft sand, an authentic tiny Greek chapel and the charming Kiki’s restaurant, is a perfect base for long lazy days in the sun, hopping from sand to sea whenever you feel. This beach is among the quietest as it is slightly harder to get to, but well worth the trip. Kiki’s has become an island institution with people queuing to try the delicious traditional Greek cuisine. But don’t worry; the owner will get you a cold glass of rose whilst you wait! We recommend the grilled pork chops; they still get spoken about here at Firefly Collection.


If you want a more trendy and popular scene, with immaculate beaches and a crowd to match, then head south to Psarou beach. This is one of the most fashionable beaches in Mykonos, where you can easily spend the whole day into the early evening dining, drinking and watching the world go by.  With many yachts moored up in this sheltered bay, set up a base on one of the sun loungers and enjoy the luxuriousness of this beautiful beach. And be sure to stop in at the iconic beach club Nammos whilst the sun goes down before heading back to you luxury villa in Mykonos.


2. Getting lost in Old town

Mykonos’ Old Town is picture perfect in every way. It is a maze of narrow winding cobbled streets, lined by whitewashed houses with flat roofs and bright blue wooden shutters and balconies. Bougainvillea, geraniums and pots of basil add splashes of colour, as do the glamorous visitors who can be seen popping in and out of Mykonos all summer long.  Tales say that these narrow cobbled streets were made to confuse pirates, however now they just add to the charm of this sea front town.


Be sure to head to Little Venice, where you will find colourful white-washed 18th century townhouses and mansions perched right over the sea. Rich sea merchants used to reside here and they had direct access to the sea from their balconies and basements. The stories of pirates using the secret underground facilities to store their loot here have all added to the romance and intrigue of Little Venice.


Whilst in Little Venice, just before the sun sets, grab yourself a table at one of the sea front cafes such as Caprice Bar. This is the perfect place for a cocktail whilst watching the show that is the sun dipping into the sea. Just ask any of the locals and you’ll be guided to this hot spot.



3. Eating like a Greek God

With more than 400 places to eat on the island you will never grow tired of the plethora of tavernas, restaurants and bars. With the majority of the food being locally sourced, family run and traditionally Greek, it won’t be long before you realise you are eating like the locals do.


The Nobu restaurant, Matsuhisa at the Belvedere Hotel, is a must-do for gourmands for its Japanese fusion dishes that have become a byword for the food revolution across the globe.


For a more laid-back, local experience, try Sea Satin Market, directly beneath the windmills, where you can choose your own seafood or steak and watch it being grilled to perfection in front of you.


Or head to the old capital of Ano Mera where you will find typical Greek treats such as Gyros, fried calamari and Greek pastries.


A new addition to the island is Scorpios, found on a semi-private peninsula south of town, overlooking Paraga beach. Its style separates it from anything else on the island, with a mix of stacked stone, meandering terraces and open sand with driftwood aesthetic, all contributing to a bohemian feel. This new beach bar and restaurant is hugely popular and reservations are strongly recommended. Your luxury villa concierge will be happy to assist with this to ensure you have the best tables at any bar or restaurant you wish to visit.



4. ‘The Island of the winds’

Mykonos, also know as ‘The island of the winds’ is decorated with iconic windmills on the cliffs and coasts. Originally built in the 16th century, these windmills were mainly used to mill flour and formed a large part of the island’s economy. Nowadays, some have been renovated and converted into private houses and museums and they still remain a famous symbol of Mykonos.


Head to the western cliff edge outside of Chora, the main town, as this is where you will find the 7 ‘Kato Milli’ meaning ‘the windmills’.  This is the perfect spot to catch the sunset and take a few pictures before heading back to your luxury villa.



5. Luxury villas round every bend

And where better to stay whilst exploring this amazing island than your own private, luxury villa. With many offering incredible views over the Aegean Sea and sunsets each evening which you could only dream of, these villas will make your stay on the island even more perfect. 


If you are planning a family holiday with the children or a fun-packed trip with a group of friends, our lovely luxury villas in Mykonos will tick all the boxes.




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