Spotlight on: Majorca
Spotlight on: Majorca
Spotlight on: Majorca
Spotlight on: Majorca
Spotlight on: Majorca
Spotlight on: Majorca

Spotlight on: Majorca

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Majorca has been popular with tourists since the 1950s when the world’s elite would hit the Balearic isle in search of tans and tranquillity. However its history goes back as far as the Roman era. It is steeped in history and culture... even Chopin called the island home for a short while, working on ‘Ballade No.2’ amongst other pieces.


It’s no wonder the secret of Majorca soon got out. Today those ‘in the know’ head to its many luxury villas each year.


Yet there are vast swathes of the island, which remain virtually untrodden: Locations that retain all charming Majorcan characteristics (think hidden beach coves, terracotta roof tiles and serene mountain scenery). Claudia Schiffer, Michael Douglas and Andrew Lloyd Webber all have luxury villas in Majorca, so you’d be in good company. With direct flights from most major European cities, Majorca is super accessible: From office to luxury villa in just under two-and-a-half hours.


What to do on touch down? We’ve hand-picked a few “must try”, quintessentially Majorcan experiences and locations for you to try….


Head to the beach


Detach yourself from the busy beach hotspots and head to Es Trenc on the western side of Majorca. Its over 2km long and is the closest point in Majorca to the Carribbean with powdery soft, white sand. There are no holiday resorts nearby so it has an ‘untouched’ air of exclusivity. Perfection!



Delicious eats


Almonds and olives are the typical Majorcan’s diet staples. For something more substantial, it has to be arrós brut. Arrós brut - or saffron rice accompanied by chicken, pork and vegetables - is authentic Majorcan cuisine, hugely popular amongst locals.


Head to El Olivio in the Hotel La Residencia for genuinely breath-taking views, stone vaulted ceilings and one of the finest dining experiences on Majorca.



Fine wines


Binnisalem is a sleepy village located in the centre of the Majorca. Enjoy a vineyard tour at Bodegas José L. Ferrer (by appointment only) alongsidesome of the finest wine Majorca has to offer.



Architectural wonder


Bellver castle is a hilltop castle that dates back to the 14th Century. It is one of very few remaining circular castles in Europe, and provides ample picturesque panoramic views across the island. Visit early in the morning when the footfall is at its lowest.



Art fix


Artist Joan Miró’s studio is located just outside of Palma, Majorca’s main town, and remains exactly how the painter left it; unfinished works and all. Sip coffee and take in the scenic hilltop views. A great way to spend an afternoon. The studios are just a 25 minute drive – or a couple of hours by bicycle – from Villa Balasi.



Something a little leftfield


Cuevas Del Drach dishes out wonder by the bucket load to adults and children alike! One of the largest subterranean lakes in the world, it delivers an enveloping landscape of stalactites and stalagmites. Float through the caves in your own boat whilst listening to a string quartet concert.


If you would like any more information on Majorca, our Majorcan villas, or any of our destinations, please get in touch. Our concierge will be happy to recommend the perfect activity to complete your holiday experience.


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