Luxury Child-Friendly Villas
Luxury Child-Friendly Villas

Luxury Child-Friendly Villas

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Why it pays to rent a child-friendly luxury villa 

Renting a child-friendly luxury villa with Firefly Collection means you can fully relax while on holiday, resting assured that your playful loved ones are safe and out of harms way.


As parents ourselves, we understand that finding a child-friendly villa which is well suited to the ages of your particular family members is the difference between having a relaxing break or having a stressful, worry-filled 7 days. We know that what concerns a parent of a 2 year old is different to what worries the parent of an 11 year old has.


So if you have small children in your family or group, do get in touch. We can advise on the most suitable child-friendly luxury villas which suit the childrens ages, meaning you can enjoy your holiday too.   


From high chairs to swimming pools with protective fences, our most child-friendly luxury villas to rent are well suited to families with young children. We have over 600 of the world’s finest property rentals in our handpicked portfolio, and our knowledgeable team and complimentary concierge service is available to offer unbiased, informative information.


We charge the best available rates on all of our child-friendly luxury villa rentals, with no added booking fee, meaning you are guaranteed to pay the best possible price.


Please contact a member of our dedicated team today to discuss your child-friendly luxury villa rental.

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