The Best Technology for your Ski Trip in 2017
The Best Technology for your Ski Trip in 2017

The Best Technology for your Ski Trip in 2017

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These days, a great ski trip takes more than just a luxury ski chalet rental, high-quality skis and personal skill. Technology has become the latest staple of the ultimate ski trip, with huge potential to enhance comfort on the slopes, knowledge and being kept entertained, all whilst capturing those unforgettable moments – arguably the most important! One can now leave the mountains with professional grade recordings of their skiing escapades.


There is so much equipment on the market to make skiing a more enjoyable, safe and successful experience, that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. 

 Our top 5 tech hacks for your luxury ski trip in 2016/2017. 

1) SNOCRU Skiing App

SNOCRU is a leading app that enriches your skiing/snowboarding experience by enabling you to digitize your progress, among many other functions. The innovative app enables you to track your speeds, your distances, your ascent/descent, and various other statistics. Compare your alpine experience with your friends and other skiers/snowboarders in real time. It provides helpful information about resorts, weather conditions and snowfall to enhance your skiing holiday.


2) Self-Flying Drone

The hexoplus is an innovative self-flying drone that allows skiers and snowboarders to record spectacular videos of their runs. The drone follows you as you descend the mountain, and can be set to various modes to dictate the camera’s movement: from 360° rotate to zoom shots, almost 100 settings allow for a personalised video of your activity. Footage can then be uploaded to computers and edited, immortalising your unforgettable trip to Meribel. Recording is activated at the touch of a button on your smartphone and incorporated technology that ensures a stabilised shot.


3) Smartphone-Friendly Ski Gloves

Trying to access the weather report for Courchevel 1850 can prove difficult in regular ski gloves. BearTek Bluetooth Gloves not only make sure you can access your phone with touch points on each finger and a sensor on each thumb, but they also charge via USB and connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device. Smartphones deserve smart gloves, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice warmth for technology. Moshi Digits is a fantastic brand of double-layered knit gloves that are snug enough to fit a range of finger sizes and allow reliably accurate screen taps and dexterity.


4) Goggles

Technologically advanced goggles have evolved into skiing’s most essential accessory in recent years. Not only are goggles essential in helping you avoid snow blindness from the dazzling reflected light on the slopes, but some go further. Nowadays, they can track speed, distance, jump height and airtime.


Abom’s goggles are also anti-fog and perfect for low light conditions. They remove fog consistently for seven hours and offer a boost mode, which gets rid of any fog in 10 minutes. RideOn goggles go one step further and turn your descent into a first-person video game, challenging you to hit checkpoints and aim for a high score. They are perfect for transforming your trip to Val d’Isere into a real-life game.


5) GoPro

For those who want to share their adrenaline-fuelled skiing antics with the world, a GoPro is an absolute must have tool. Friends who are more snow-shy are bound to get a buzz out of watching you weave your way down the slopes of Zermatt at breakneck speed with the iconic Matterhorn as your backdrop. All you need to do is mount it onto your helmet and start carving up the piste. The cameras have a waterproof case and are sturdy enough to take gravity defying battering.



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