Discover St.Barths
Discover St.Barths
Discover St.Barths

Discover St.Barths

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Nestled in the North East of the Caribbean you will find the beautiful island of St. Barths, the epitome of elegance and exclusivity. Ever popular with celebrities, it is certainly the place to be seen when considering a luxury villa holiday in the Caribbean. Think crystal turquoise waters and pristine white sandy beaches, combined with an array of boutique shops and it is easy to see why this island has become so popular in recent years.


Coral landscapes and volcanic scenic beauty complement the endless blue sea and skies here, and you will be met with only warmth from the hospitable locals. St.Barths eludes a French cosmopolitan charm owed to the islands history and whilst English is widely spoken, French is the official language.


In the popular area of Gustavia, the capital, lies a quaint and pretty harbour, once used to transport goods to and from St.Barths’ neighbouring islands. Now, you are more likely see an impressive collection of sailing boats and mega yachts coming in and out of the harbour.


Also referred to as the St.Tropez of the Caribbean, St.Barths is famed for its laid back Caribbean style, sophistication and fabulous food scene. The cuisine sees a merging of French heritage with a sprinkling of Asian influence and Caribbean flavours – there is a real variety and something that everyone will love. Freshly caught local seafood is a staple on most menus and you will find a French/Mediterranean theme throughout, whether you choose to self cater or stay in a luxury villa in St.Barths.


Don’t miss out on trying St.Barths’ signature cocktail - ‘Ti Punch’. Made with rum, lime and cane syrup it certainly captures the flavours of the Caribbean and is a must try!


A luxury villa holiday wouldn’t be complete without your pick of pristine beaches – 22 to be precise. Considered amongst the world’s best they really are what dreams are made of and are sure to take you far from your worries. Spend lazy afternoons in the sun, which shines all year round, taking in the warm Caribbean breeze and endless turquoise waters which you will find at every turn. Staying in a St.Barths luxury villa you are never far from the sea.


Whilst Flamand Beach is the largest, head to Lorient and you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a turtle swaying beneath the waves. Reefs of coral at this beach also makes it a great place to snorkel. Second largest to Flamand is Saline beach on the south of the island, where there are no buildings in sight and you can really be at one with the natural environment in your very own haven of calm.


Whilst the island is the perfect destination for relaxation, this does not mean that you will be at a loss for things to do – there is plenty to explore on your luxury villa holiday. Take a hike from Flamand to Colombier Beach and experience the dramatic scenery on the island’s northern shoreline.


After a gentle decline get ready for spectacular panoramic views and then take a swim in the sea after your hard work!


With beautiful coral landscapes surrounding the island, it is no surprise that St. Barths has a plethora of fantastic diving sites such as Pain de Sucre. You will find that many of the sites are protected to maintain the natural environment. However, don’t forget to bring your underwater camera as you prepare to swim alongside reef sharks, turtles, angelfish all set amongst the colourful reef.


Back on land you will find an abundance of boutique shopping. For lovers of designer fashion, this is the place for you. Brands such as Bulgari, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Choppard are just a few that line the streets of Gustavia - the capital of St.Barths. Or why not browse the chic boutiques and unique shops that will have you spoilt for choice in St. Jean.  It is also worth noting that goods are tax-free here so be sure to leave some room in your suitcase.


For a dash of culture head to Gustavia where there are the remains of the historical 18th century fort, identified by a red and white lighthouse that was constructed on the site in the 1960s. It provides one of the best view points for a spectacular over look to the harbour where you can count the yachts sailing in and out.


St.Barths also has a tradition for woven goods. At the market in the Village of Corrosol you can pick up some local crafts such as hats, baskets and fans, all of which have been hand-made with love by the locals as part of a longstanding tradition that originated around 1890.


The sunset in St.Barths is an experience you will not want to miss. What can beat sitting in your favourite spot (ours is perched on the rocks at the Eden Rock Hotel), cocktail in hand, watching the sun fade into the horizon to end another perfect day on your luxury villa holiday in St.Barths.


If you are thinking of a luxury holiday in St.Barths, take a look at our fabulous collection of luxury villas available to rent.

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