Why I love Anguilla by Tim Latimer
Why I love Anguilla by Tim Latimer
Why I love Anguilla by Tim Latimer

Why I love Anguilla by Tim Latimer

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Anguilla – one for the bucket list.

Here’s what to do on the island of Anguilla

The little known island of Anguilla is the absolute gem of the Caribbean. Off the beaten track and off the radar for most, Anguilla ranks up there with the best for anyone lucky enough to stay in one of Anguilla’s luxury beachfront villas.


So what is it that is so special about the Caribbean island of Anguilla that keeps people coming back?


I visited the island for the first time in 2016 and completely fell in love with its laid back style, jaw-dropping white sand beaches and of course, those spectacular luxury villas.


The highlights? Where do I start?


Firstly – the beaches. According to The Travel Channel, the world’s best beaches can be found on Anguilla. There are a plethora of incredible beaches dotted all around Anguilla, all with immaculate white sand, lapped by the bath-warm azure waters of the Caribbean Sea - so stunning they look like they have been photoshopped.


“Many Caribbean islands would be grateful for just one of Anguilla’s estimated 33 powder-white beaches.” Conde Nast Traveler


My personal favourite was the spectacular beach at Meads Bay. A few cafes and restaurants can be found along the 1.5km crescent beach but mostly you’ll be on your own. The sea and sand is as good as it gets so you’ll never want to leave.


Stay at the exceptional Villa Ocean, an ultra-contemporary luxury villa located right on the beach at Meads Bay - one of Anguilla’s absolute finest properties. A few steps across the garden and you are on the powder fine sand where your butler will lay out the beach toys – stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, snorkeling gear. Nothing starts the day like a SUP session!


Alternatively stay at one of the two luxury Kasari villas, also located right on the beach at Meads Bay in Anguilla. These super-cool properties make the perfectly stylish base for your luxury villa holiday on the island of Anguilla.


Then when you are ready to get off your sun lounger, I can highly recommend a sail on the classic wooden West Indian sloop ‘Tradition’. You can enjoy cocktails on board as the sun sets as this beautiful boat can take you on a mini-swashbuckling adventure.


Another trip I would absolutely recommend is heading over to Sandy Island. Hop in a speedboat at Sandy Ground for the short but high-speed dash across the bay to this tiny, and I mean tiny, desert island. It is literally a little patch of white sand with a few palm trees and a beach bar-cum-lobster shack. My idea of heaven.


If you are looking for total privacy and total luxury, stay at Villa Caelum. This exceptional luxury villa in Anguilla has played host to many of Hollywood’s finest. Each suite has been impeccably styled using daring fabrics and the service is outstanding. The villa sits in a beachfront position, but thanks to its horseshoe layout around the pool in the centre it feels like you are alone in the universe, albeit with a team of professional staff at your beck and call.


For a different perspective, the two stunning Ani Villas are perched up on the cliff top giving spectacular views. These are without doubt two of my favourite villas in our portfolio. Contemporary in design and beautifully finished, these luxury villas in Anguilla also offer the highest level of service to make sure you are very well looked after.


Then you have the cool Caribbean beach bars. Elvis’ at Sandy Ground is not to be missed, with its boat-cum-bar, as is the ramshakled Bankie Banx’s on Rendezvous bay. The reggae star Banky Banx often gets the crowd going with live performances of some of his hits. After dark, the Pump House is the place to head for live bands and a ‘jump up’.


As you can probably gather, I was completely won over by the charming island of Anguilla in the Caribbean. It’s beautiful, friendly and home to some of the best luxury villas in the world. It should be on everybody’s bucket list.


I for one can’t wait to go back.


By Tim Latimer

Director of Firefly Collection

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