International Interiors

International Interiors

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Here at Firefly Collection we pride ourselves on the first-class summer villas and winter ski chalets we provide to our clients.


Of course, it would be wonderful if we could spend every day in our holiday home but for most people that’s just not realistic. That is why decided to provide some inspiration on how you can bring your favourite holiday vibes to your own home.


We have created a selection of interior design mood boards showcasing how you can bring elements of design styles from all around the world to your abode. Have a look at our international interiors mood boards below and spruce up your home with global styles.


Alpine Chic


To recreate the Alpine chalet look at home, opt for cool colour schemes, rustic wood touches and warming fur rugs and throws. Exposed ceiling beams add a luxe rustic vibe and for a traditional touch on the walls add some animal mounts. Of course a roaring open fire is the ideal final touch for creating the cosy Alpine vibe at home. For an extra chic look chandelier lights hanging from the ceiling add a touch of class.

Ibizan Beach Vibes


Make it summer all year-round in your home, even when the rain is falling down outside, by turning your house into its own sunshine paradise. Create the Ibizan beach villa look by opting for bright colours – a blue and white colour palette will create the sea and sand vibe – plus add in coastal touches including wooden ornaments and a pebble-filled vase. If you have an outdoor area you can also continue the look into the garden to create your very own sun terrace for when the sun does come out.

Tuscan Touches


Recreate the warm and welcoming Italian countryside at home with rustic touches. Stick to a terracotta colour scheme and wooden furnishings. The key room in a Tuscan farmhouse is of course the kitchen. Make your kitchen the heart of the house, with an island in the middle of the kitchen. Italian kitchens celebrate cooking with pots and pans on display on shelving units or hanging from the ceilings, and of course a spice rack to show off a tasty selection of herbs.

Moroccan Brights


Moroccan interiors are bright, bold and colourful. For colour schemes pick from bright blue, warm orange and bold pink. Moroccan design incorporates small, detailed patterns – bring in this element with a feature papered wall or by replacing your sofa and armchair covers with an eye-catching patterned lining. The Moroccan theme also emits a rich and regal aura, add this to your home with gold touches and traditional Moroccan style glass lamps.

British Class


If you’re feeling particularly patriotic, bring traditional British touches to your home with an antiquated style. Britain is an ancient country, so look to the past for inspiration. Opt for grand furnishings such as a chaise lounge, antique side-tables, and a large bookshelf to show off your favourite British literature. Stick to deep royal colours and utilise patterns, a traditional geometric style rug is a nice touch for traditional British opulence. Accessorise with traditional touches such as world globes and grandfather clocks, and in the kitchen it’s all about traditional fine tea sets.

Australian Air


Much like the Australian people, the Australian interior look is a laidback style. Think bright, airy and clean cut - and look for ways to recreate the outdoors indoor. Stick to a white and neutral colour scheme with glass or pale wood furnishings and minimalist accessorising. Plants are a lovely way to bring a taste of the great Australian outdoors to your home, stick to traditional varieties such as cacti and spider plants.

Danish Hygge


The Danish concept of Hygge has swept across the world in recent years, and is the perfect way to bring cosy vibes to your home. Hygge is all about feeling contentment and comfort, so think homely touches such as blankets, cushions and candles. Stick to a neutral and calming colour palette of blues, greys and browns and utilise wooden furnishing and features to enhance the cosy atmosphere. Complete with a warming hot drink and cosy up on your comfortable sofa, taking in the calming surroundings.

Chinese Minimalism


Two words to live by when creating a Chinese-inspired look in your home are modern and minimal. The Chinese style is all about simplicity and creating a place of zen. The simple and modern style creates an ornate and expensive look, which can be easy to create without actually overspending. Stick to a colour scheme of traditional blacks, reds and yellows. Keep furniture to a minimum and accessorise with modern artistic features including hand painted vases and intricate lanterns. Open plan spaces work well for the Chinese theme, using a room divider to separate areas rather than having individual rooms. For that extra-special touch add some Chinese inscriptions on the wall.

French Finery


The French style oozes class and grandeur. Opt for a pastel and gold colour scheme and add luxe touches with extravagant chandeliers, show-stopping statues, and candelabra centrepieces. Tall vases with decadent flower arrangements will also add an extra lavish touch. Get artistic with your walls, paint a mural or create a feature wall covered with elegant patterned wallpaper. In the bedroom high-quality bedsheets will make all the difference, while a four-poster bed or an intricate headstand is a must. In the kitchen invest in high quality kitchenware, including long-stemmed champagne glasses, porcelain tea seats and delicate cake stands to be filled with colourful pastries.

US Sophistication


Turn your apartment into a chic city pad fit for New York, San Fran or Seattle with a few simple touches. Keep your colour scheme to clean greys, whites and silvers with one signature bold colour running throughout. Utilise the natural structure of the building where you can – exposed wall bricks, wooden window frames and metal staircases for example add an authentic touch. If your flat has a view, make sure it is the showpiece of the room. Stick to modern furniture in white and light colours – avoid brown wood- and top off with quirky lighting features, houseplants and modern photo frames.

Indian Intricacies


The traditional Indian interior style is all about colours, patterns and celebrating Indian culture and heritage. For your colour scheme stick with deep, rich colours including reds, purples, golds and orange. Bring in elements of traditional patterns with cushions, throws, table clothes and curtains. For furnishing opt for dark wooden options and utilise wooden flooring too. Accessorise with traditional touches such as vases and incense, and why not add a showstopper art piece with a traditional Indian painting to complete the look.

  • I appreciate your blog, it's true with any type of art form deck paint pictures and descriptions showing what they will look like is a critical factor in being able to deliver ideas effectively. This is very true when we're going to be living with the decisions we make as our interiors every day LOL If anyone needs to share more pictures of their interior designs, we have hand-selected hashtags for interior design! These are the tags you should be using, and check-out our hashtags study page for directions off the optimal number of hashtags for each social media platform!

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