Rent a Chalet for the Winter Season

Rent a Chalet for the Winter Season

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Having your very own luxury ski chalet is a dream imagined by many a passionate skier. Whether you wish you could escape to the mountains every weekend or you like to treat your friends and family – it’s easy to see the appeal. If you like the idea then renting a chalet for the season could be a great option for you.


We are experiencing a steady increase in demand for luxury ski chalets to be rented on a seasonal basis. There are a variety of reasons as to why clients are choosing to rent ski chalets for the season:




Multiple holidays


If you have a favourite resort which you visit multiple times throughout the winter it may make sense for you to have a base there over the season. There’s no need to lug all your gear to resort for each holiday, allowing you to easily nip over to your luxury ski chalet for a long weekend straight from the office. Then next season you are free to choose a completely different resort!




Interest in purchasing


What better way to test out whether or not to invest in a luxury ski chalet than to rent one for the season? Get to know the village and the locals in your chosen ski resort before you decide to take the plunge in purchasing your own property. This is also a great way to test how frequently you will realistically visit your property or perhaps see if you could live in the mountains full time.




Corporate retreats


Renting a chalet for the winter season also provides companies with a base from which to entertain their best clients and a luxury ski chalet is sure to impress. Treat well-deserving members of your team to a luxury ski holiday – it’s a great way to thank them for all their hard work.




Rent a chalet for the winter season with Firefly Collection


When you have the chalet for the whole season, you have the flexibility to choose a bespoke service.


Contact our sales team for our collection of chalets available for seasonal rental.

  • Looking for a chalet sleeping 10 for the 18/19 season. Mo zone preferred

    Jamie Shepherd 08.09.2018

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