Air Partner Private Jets – Fly in style
Air Partner Private Jets – Fly in style
Air Partner Private Jets – Fly in style

Air Partner Private Jets – Fly in style

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Firefly Collection is delighted to announce our partnership with the world’s leading private jet company, Air Partner. Flying private jet with Air Partner is the perfect way to start and end your luxury break, whether it’s Courchevel in the winter or St Tropez in the summer.


Air Partner is a world-class aircraft charter company, with over 50 years’ experience in global aviation. Their team of aviation professionals regularly organise some of the most complex civil aviation operations flown in the world today. New missions are often launched at a moment’s notice and key personnel are flown into and out of the most obscure or challenging airports regularly.


Their luxury services range from the freedom and flexibility of private jet charter, commercial aircraft hire for 20 passengers or more and the Jetcard and Corporate card options, which offer hassle-free convenience, style and comfort with only 24 hours’ notice.


We therefore wholeheartedly encourage you to avoid airport queues and long transfers and complete your luxury holiday experience by flying in style with Air Partner next time you take to the sky.



Please contact us for more details. 

  • My boss wishes to travel by private jet from Marracech to Corfu on late afternoon of 9 August he has hand luggage only and wishes to find a jet as cheap as possible

    Nathalie 05.08.2016

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