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Anita Coetser

Content Manager

Anita is Firefly Collection’s content manager.  She has a great love for travelling and relocated from South Africa in 2005 to be closer to Europe.  Having started her career in the UK in property she took a break from the corporate environment to look after her young family. She chose to return to work in a more service and customer-focused role and loves working with all the charming new properties Firefly Collection affiliates with.

Anita Coetser

Content Manager

Why do you love to travel?

Travelling is just a magical experience and there isn’t any other feeling quite like it. Experiencing new countries, their cultures and the places they hold valuable, puts a new perspective on how we see our own lives.

What is your favourite country or region?

Taiwan specifically Chihpen.  Driving through this beautiful part of the county we got to experience the mountain which are simply breath-taking.  The natural hot springs and serene beauty of this area provides a truly exceptional experience. 

Where is next on your travel list?
The next place on my travel bucket list is Tuscany. I would love to see the rolling hills and ancient olive groves all bathed in the golden Tuscan sunshine. The delicious cuisine certainly has a large appeal too.
What was your first ski experience?

Snowboarding (having never been on a board of any shape or size or skies for that fact) in the Dolomites, Italy. My husband, being a skateboarder, had a desire to go snowboarding. We thought a few lessons on the dry slopes would be enough. Well, I guess, in the end, it was. By the end of our holiday, we were both flying down the pistes. Luckily it was the end of the season and there weren’t too many witnesses to all our epic fails along the way.

Which is your favourite villa?

Last year I was lucky enough to visit Villa Atokos in Corfu. This simply beautiful villa exudes luxury but also has the most welcoming atmosphere at the same time. The villa staff are welcoming and guests can feel the undeniable synergy they have. Corfu’s clear turquoise waters, just a short walk down from the villa and viewed from one of the two infinity pools are hard to leave once you’ve been there. 

Which is your favourite chalet?

I love Chalet La Fenice due to its calm blend of traditional and contemporary. The fantastic views of the Matterhorn are best enjoyed from the hot tub with something delicious in hand.

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