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Jess Bird

Luxury Travel Consultant

“I am a highly motivated professional with a diverse background in various industries. After successfully completing my studies at Nottingham Trent University, I embarked on an exciting ski season in Val d’Isere, where I honed my interpersonal and customer service skills in a fast-paced and international environment.

Following my ski season, I transitioned into the field of recruitment, where I gained valuable experience in sourcing and selecting top talent for various organizations. This role allowed me to further develop my communication and negotiation skills while maintaining a strong focus on client satisfaction.

Currently, I am thrilled to be working as a travel consultant for Firefly Collection, a renowned company in the travel industry. In this role, I leverage my passion for travel and my expertise in customer service to curate unforgettable experiences for clients. I excel in understanding their unique preferences and requirements, ensuring that every detail of their travel arrangements is meticulously planned and executed.

With my strong educational foundation, diverse professional experiences, and dedication to delivering exceptional service, I am well-equipped to provide personalised and memorable travel experiences for clients at Firefly Collection.”

Jess Bird

Luxury Travel Consultant

How did you get into skiing?

As I grew older, my enthusiasm for skiing led me to participate in school ski trips, including an unforgettable journey to America. These trips not only allowed me to explore new slopes and improve my skills but also exposed me to the diverse and vibrant ski culture across different regions.


Inspired by these experiences, I made the decision to embark on a ski season in Val d’Isere. This iconic destination in the French Alps offered the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in the world of skiing and gain invaluable first-hand experience. During my time in Val d’Isere, I embraced the challenges and rewards of living and working in a ski resort, further refining my skiing abilities and developing a deep appreciation for the mountain lifestyle.


Now, as I continue to pursue my skiing journey, I am eager to explore new destinations, challenge myself on different terrains, and inspire others to discover the joy and exhilaration of skiing.

What is your biggest ski fail?

When I entered the mono skiing world championships after practising for a full day… and fell at the first turn and rolled my way over the finish line.

Where would you like to go next?

I would absolutely love to ski in St Anton.

What is your top tip for ski holidays?

Go for a chalet that really has that alpine style to it – you want to feel like you’re holiday in the mountains, not just anywhere!
Hot tubs are a must-have! After a good ski day and some rose on the slopes, there is nothing better!

Where is your favourite apres ski spot?

Cocorico or rosè blanche.

What is Your favourite ski resort and why?

The time spent in Val d’Isere was undoubtedly filled with unique and unforgettable moments, contributing to my love for the resort. From the beginning to the end of the season, the ski conditions were exceptional. Most importantly the Aprés-ski scene is unbeatable and where some of my favourite memories live!

What is your favourite chalet?

Chalet Marco Polo, Val d’Isere.

What is your favourite ski memory?

Would probably have to be when everyone from my ski company went and had a massive picnic up the mountain on Christmas Day by the Val d’Isere sign and we went up the glacier and skied as one big group – it was a perfect day!

What is your favourite mountain restaurant?

My absolute favourite would be loop in Tignes, that felt up the mountain as it was in the next door resort.

What is your favourite villa?

Turtle Beach house in Barbados or Holy Deer City Lodge in Rome (which I wouldn’t count as a Villa, but it is incredible!).

What is your favourite villa destination?

The Caribbean holds a very special place in my heart. It stands out as my favourite villa location due to its incredible food, warm and welcoming people, breathtaking beaches, and beautiful sea. These combined create an unparalleled experience that leaves a lasting impression and draws me back time and time again.

What is your perfect holiday?

My perfect holiday is a blend of relaxation and adventure. Whether it’s lounging on the beach with my family, sipping on refreshing cocktails just steps away from our villa, or hitting the slopes with my friends and enjoying lively après-ski activities in the afternoons, followed by a delightful evening meal, I cherish the moments spent creating lasting memories.

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