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Will Davis

Marketing Manager

Will is a keen adventurer, so when he’s not got his head buried in a computer, he’s climbing cliffs, practicing martial arts, or knee-deep in mud at one of the great British music festivals. He’s no stranger to skiing and has been all over the alps.

After years of work in marketing agencies, working for international market leaders and new businesses alike, he figured it was time to focus on one industry. Bringing a passion for adventure and a variety of skills, he ensures the right people see the right properties, at the right time.

Will Davis

Marketing Manager

Why do you love to travel?

I love new experiences, and those aren’t found in your comfort zone. I love travelling to destinations that offer new sensations, and that often means thinking about when more than where. I also love experiencing different cultures and engaging with locals or other travellers and feel that is best done at specific events. Going on holiday is always special, but my favourite travel memories involve music festivals on the Croatian coast, visiting family abroad and spending Christmas in the Alps.


As a creative type, I love returning from these adventures with fresh perspectives and tons of inspiration. 


Lastly, and most importantly, I love to travel to spend quality time and share amazing experiences with loved ones. When I look back at my fondest memories of those I feel most at home with, they often take place far from our houses.

What is your favourite travel destination?

England is underrated and taken for granted. I would urge anyone to explore more of it. Take yourself on an electric mountain bike tour of the Lake District, find the right music festival for your taste, or experience any of the brilliantly silly ancient traditions (bottle kicking is a personal favourite, which is 1000-a-side rugby with a keg for a ball, over miles of farmland).


Of course, that’s quite a boring answer. If I had to pick somewhere further afield, I would choose Ibiza. It’s got more than the perfect beaches, ideal weather and holiday atmosphere of many tropical islands. The atmosphere is electric, and while the electronic music scene is great fun, that’s just the start. 


In the more scenic Old Town marina area, there are spoilings of fine dining opportunities. While the quieter side of the White Island feels like another world. Taking a yoga class on a sunset peninsula, or biking through the jungle away from civilisation, are just some of your options here.

Where is next on your travel list?

Dublin for St Patrick’s day, and an upcoming wedding in LA.

What was your first ski experience?

A family ski trip, with family from all over the world, in Chamonix. My uncle, a certified ski instructor, taught me how to ski. It was really special to have the whole family together for Christmas. This was made all the more special by the thrills of flying down a mountain and then taking full advantage of our chalet’s private spa in the evening.

Which is your favourite villa?

Aztec in Ibiza, I can just imagine throwing the ultimate party there, so I am definitely keeping it in mind for a big birthday.

Which is your favourite chalet?

Tataali. It’s exquisitely over the top with little fun things added on top of all the expected luxury elements.

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